If Germs could sing


Germs, sometimes known as Bacteria, are alive, but you can’t see them.  Bacteria are groups of tiny organisms that have only one cell.  They are on the ground, in the air, on your shoelaces, the handle to the refrigerator, the tip of your nose.  They are all around us.

Some bacteria can cause diseases but not all of them.  Humans actually need some kinds of bacteria to live!

To learn more about Germs go to this website:


To hear the latest Bacteria dance song, sweeping across…my computer…click on the You Tuber video below.  I like to think of the song as what Germs would sound like if they could sing.

Update: Check out these details on bacteria


One response to “If Germs could sing”

  1. thulwyth secret agent Avatar
    thulwyth secret agent

    the bacteria song – you mention ones that could cause problems. what about all the good ones? what was the point of this video other than being slightly alarmist and also suggesting that we wash our hands or they could become breeding grounds for bacteria. so … more admonishments and rules from adults. just sayin…