These paws are made for walking

Not only does Professor Blue have a blog, she also has a dog.

First, we shall refer to the dog as Mr. The Dog. What does this dog do?

  1. sighs and pouts
  2. eats things he shouldn’t
  3. ‘marks territory’
  4. sniffs everything
  5. prefers eating pizza
  6. nibbles on the ears of his best dog friends
  7. howls sometimes (he is not what you would call a barking dog)
  8. pants with his tongue hanging out
  9. catches up on some light reading.
  10. but let’s not forget – he makes tracks in the snow!

Now that it’s winter time, it seems as if everyone’s tracks are obvious. If you have snow, that is.

We recently took a walk in the woods and spotted a trail of a single row of tracks. It was as if a one legged animal had been by because there was no left paw, right paw kind of tracks. What did it look like? Like a bobcat took out a pogo stick and bounced her way to this fallen pine tree and a pile of branches not yet covered with snow.

The State of Maine has a cool chart of animal tracks here that you can look and see if you have any visiting animals near your house. Thanks to the chart, it looks as if a red fox had paid us a visit. Mr. The Dog probably knows by sniffing it but he won’t give us any clues.