Special mud pie… it’s alive! And it eats plastic

photo of microbes in different colors

A teenager named Daniel Burd discovered a way to make plastic bags decompose quickly by mixing yeast, mud and water together to grow the bag-eating microbes. Hey! This is a very special mud pie. Or mud shake (depending on how much water he added).
This is very important because plastic bags are a huge problem. Without the help of bacteria and microbes plastic can last a very long time in the middle of oceans, in landfills, and everywhere, actually.

One example of the many problems is that animals eat the bags and choke to death on the plastic. You can read more reasons why plastic bags are so bad at earthresource.org.

From the article: “Almost every week I have to do chores and when I open the closet door, I have this avalanche of plastic bags falling on top of me,” he said. “One day, I got tired of it and I wanted to know what other people are doing with these plastic bags.’” The answer: not much. So he decided to do something himself.”

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