Smells like homework

Imagine being able to do a dance to prove that you’d done your social studies, math, english homework.

Dance your PhD 2011: Smell mediated response to relatedness of potential mates from Cedric Kai Wei Tan on Vimeo.

Well, Cedric Tan did just that, with the help of some friends, to demonstrate certain reproductive behaviors of the common fruit fly, while pursuing their PhD studies in Zoology.

What is a PhD study?  A PhD is a fancy diploma.  A certificate of achievement.  It is proof that you have become the grand poo bah of a certain subject.  You’ve literally spent years observing, calculating, thinking about, writing about, and talking about one thing.

Cedric Tan’s thing, as shown in the Dance below, is that he’s the grand poo bah of fruit flies and how they use the sense of smell to avoid making fly babies with relatives.

Stay tuned for an interview with Dr. Cedric for more info!




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