Yodelling Pickle

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Yodelling Pickle

It’s green, it’s a yodeller, but is it from the Alps?  The most amazing feature is that, with this pickle, you never have to yodel alone ever again.

Yodelling is an ancient art form that has been relegated to dollar discount instructional video tapes.  The Swiss, who originated the song style to rid themselves of gnomes, have simply moved on.  They now all work at the company factory at CERN engaged in conducting science experiments.

Curious and bored American children like the one featured in this video, have taken up the mantle admirably.

Sadly, you will likely never achieve this level of mastery with your yodelling.

Enter Yodelling Pickle

One customer is said to have hidden one in the back of his pantry; the yodeling pickle yodels every time someone slams the door too hard.  How’s that for an alarm or cognitive behavior study (Joey, stop slamming the door)?

  • Great for White Elephant gifts
  • Perfect for Yankee swaps
  • Sends a powerful message to unhelpful workers or your science thesis advisor

When the batteries start to die, it sounds like a demonic incantation. As far as yodeling pickles go, this is one of the best.

Not for use of children under 3 (choking hazard) or Justin Bieber fans.

Save yourself some precious carbon dioxide and let this pickle do all the work for you.

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