This network brought to you by… a crow’s black feathers

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Question: Who are they?  Here’s a clue: It all starts out with just one of them.

One who spots trouble from a distance and memorizes faces of those people who cause him or his friends trouble. He passes along the description to his tribe so that they all quickly know that the guy with the brown, thinning hair and the mole near his left nostril and the weird scar in between his eyebrows is a threat.

Not like that other balding guy who’s eating ice cream on a park bench.

Once the news spreads to the others, through a special communication, they gather together to heckle and pester the troublemaker, and defend their friend.

Who exactly are they?  Guys with iphones and an app that can map out and track people by the shapes of their faces?


They’re called a murder of crows.  And scientists have been discovering just how tough it is to outsmart them.

image of crows in a tree

don’t mess with these crows


Check out these videos on the recent findings by scientists.

If you’re in Canada, you’ll want to check this out…

A Murder of Crows – CBC video with David Suzuki

If you’re in the US, check this out…

A Murder of Crows – PBS US video

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