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Based on the hit videos funded by MIT, Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal shows the life of a scientist - Professor Blue - and her trusty sled dog Tookie, page by page inside a lab journal.

A scientist must show his or her work, and so must keep a journal to track all thoughts, questions, experiments, equations, and sometimes notes to feed the pets.

The Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal, one such journal, offers kids answers to the question that's on the tips of their tongues: Where does our drinking water come from?

More info here (including introductory video of Professor Blue pretending for some reason to walk down the stairs)

Warning: May Be Habit Forming.

  • Author: Maria Laskar, Montréal, Canada
  • Illustrator: Jennie Shipman Bonwich, St. Louis, MO, USA
  • Published by: Les Editions Lastcall, Québec, Canada
  • ISBN (electronic version): 978-0-991-7064-02

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