Romo, Your Personal Robot

By sheiler on
image of romo the robot

Better than the Jetsons

Romo: This personal robot is a companion doesn’t clean or cook but will teach you all about String Theory and other skills.

Requires an Apple device –  various iPhone 5 iterations.

Hey Old People – claim your right to play with robots. Live the life of George Jetson. Yes, yes, if you let kids play with the Romo, they will indeed delight for hours and learn such valuable things as String Theory, and so on.  But it’s your birthright too. Learn how to program your personal robot to do things like check to see if you’re…taking your medications.

Hey Young People – Learn just enough code to transform this learning toy into the kind of personal robot that actually does something, something that will do the chores for you.

  • Endow a cheeky personal robot with its own personality
  • Super friendly with endless customizable behaviors
  • Shows emotions and facial expressions, it even sneezes, microbes sold spearately (tiny lie)
  • Easily controlled using the free iOS app
  • Learn basic programming skills as you play
  • Take video calls to the next level, this Skype on wheels has the power to make your callers motion sick. Use your robotic powers thoughtfully!

Box contains: Romo robotic base, custom mini-USB charging cable, product info guide