By sheiler on
image of a pattern watch

The beauty of this Illuminating Pattern Watch is that it’s kinda old school — now that Apple and Google dominate in wearable electronics:

‘Girl, I love how that ipod matches your eyes.’

But at the same time, most of your friends and family are Warthogs. They know science exists but are not sure how much of it to let into their daily lives.

  • The whole door opening when you step on a mat experience feels really new to a lot of them, though you won’t get them to admit it.
  • They still maintain in their heart of hearts that Nanoo, Nanoo should be in the lexicon by now and don’t understand why it’s not.
  • They think that the terms “Upload” and “Download” refer to an Americanized television show “Upstairs, Downstairs”.
  • A show they’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t yet found the time.

PLUS, this watch actually does cool stuff.  Green, yellow, read lights rearrange themselves according to time, 5 minute and 1 minute increments.  It’s always changing colors.  Or colours, if you’re from that part of the world.  And speaking of which, if Scotland does secede, will they switch over to the American way of spelling certain wooooords?