Luke, I am your party voice

By sheiler on
voice changer - modify your voice 10 different ways

The Party voice without the hazards

Isn’t it just so … 19th Century for humans to take a precious commodity and use it to inflate colored rubber for children? Or to suck from it in order to sound like a cartoon character?

Well, those times are likely coming to a close, my friends. Helium has other uses now, scientific uses in labs and such, and the fact that the Earth has a limited supply of the element known as helium means your birthdays will just have to suffice with a donkey, punch and pie, and maybe something like this Multi-Voice Changer.

This instrument of peace is made with the finest of plastic. Insert a battery and you’re no longer wasting up valuable Earthly resources; you’re just responsible for wasting precious moments, your call.

Having a Multi-Voice Changer handy can dissuade you from doing something that has the ability to actually kill you. Instead of doing something potentially lethal, just rely on doing something hilarious and also annoying.

What’s this good for?

  • PhD thesis defense parties
  • Free-range children
  • Those attending high school reunions
  • College students 24×7
  • Grade school slumber parties
  • Star Wars buffs