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chicken purse

Handbag to the Stars

(if you get walloped by this handbag, you will certainly see stars)

Word on the street (psst, in the lab)…

is that Heidi Klum has a thing for omelettes and grilled chicken.

Therefore, what do you think she would do if she saw you walking down the street with your Cluck-tch in hand?

Why, she would instantly make friends with you.

Say you’re a person who’s not inclined to wearing a backpack.  Briefcases don’t do it for you either.  How do you carry certain objects from point A to point B? Garbage bags, all the rage of the 1990s, are out, as your new friend Heidi Klum would say.

What’s left?  The Hen Clutch.

Like my mom always said, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the (coin) purse.”

  • Fowl fashion for foul weather (hey, it’s RUBBER)
  • Perfect theft prevention – it’s simply too beautiful and distinctive for a thief to get away with
  • Serves as an eggsellent pet for those with allergies
  • A great way to avoid the avian flu!