Who is Professor Blue?

A case study.

Professor Blue started off as a microbe of an idea, by Maria Laskar, a theatre director, writer, producer (and a childrenmatarian) from Montréal, Canada.

And then…

Professor Blue received funding from:


cover of brochure for the cambridge science festival from 2009
 poster announcing professor blue appearing at the cambridge science festival

Maria made a visual installation to accompany showing the videos, in conjunction with Professor Blue World Headquarters (a subsidiary of Slippery Banana Peel Industries, Inc), at the Cambridge Science Festivals in 2008 and 2009.  She also wrote a performance piece for a live audience at the Museum of Science in Boston.

Other Support

Professor Blue received generous funding and support from the following organizations and companies for the live performances:

images of sponsor logos like dell, govconnection, worldcomputer exchange, CALQ, v w r, ambit press, the home depot


as well as Gadgets – Boston and DVDs-911.

The videos are registered and  trademarked in Québec, Canada by:
logo for cinematheque quebecoise logo for sartec



Just to give you a taste of the nerdy goodness to come, check out our Preview video that’s up on MIT’s Techtv:

See our other videos on the kid-safe website BatteryPOP.

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Did someone say, ‘POP’?  Be sure to POP Professor Blue!

The Book

image of Professor Blue eating chips with her dog

Or do you prefer the printed page?


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