Funky Slippers: Unibrow for Your Feet

By sheiler on
image of funky slippers - caveman design

Live large in these funky slippers that sport a caveman-like unibrow for the toes.  Maybe caveman is a bit harsh.  Slippers so you can get your dwarf on.  So comfortable, we’ve heard claims that you’ll want to perform the act of promenading like a funky chicken.  Buy 4 if you’re not feeling super bi-pedal, even, because they’ll easily support your hands.  Or so we’ve heard.


The manufacturer claims that these slippers fit most feet, up to Men’s 10.5.  But how accurate is this?

Is it possible that they’re using a measurement system that’s different than yours?  That perhaps you’ll purchase these slippers for you to use late nights in your lab, only to find out that they got the sizing all wrong and now a satellite’s gone missing?

Elastic heel.

Made of the finest polyester combine science can muster.

Comfy, soft, and free from Jam of Toe.

Fun to wear around animals or small children.

Use as a conversation piece at bedtime to avoid reading The Little Engine That Could for the 314th time.

Use as a conversation piece at your thesis defense to avoid discussing why your scientific research failed to count the number of Whos in Whoville.