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PBS kids fan, Parents, Guardians of the Realm: No nerds harmed in making these kids books on science and the environment.

Put your kids into the (make-believe) shoes of a scientist.

The Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal is an illustrated book that causes kids to become .139 % smarter each time they read it.  It prods kids to think about the roles of toilets, drain pipes, lakes, aaaaaand the occasional submarine.

It will also ask them to think about a deceptively simple question:

“Where does our drinking water come from?”

Come explore with Professor Blue & her sled dog Tookie as they trek out into the world (& back inside the lab) to conduct science experiments.  The Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal offers a view into how to be a scientist by showing kids how our scientist spends her days.

Education, curiosity, patience, perseverance, creativity and imagination: some of the qualities a scientist needs to have. A fluffy dog does not hurt, either.

It’s like that old saying:

Pretend is make-believe, make-believe is artificial, artificial can be intelligent, intelligence helps science, science helps humans, humans eat hummus, & hummus is delicious, so thank you for the compliment.

—S. Martin Alec

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For kids, ages 7 – 11 or those other kids, ages 31+ (you know who you are)

Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal: available in softcover book, kindle, pdf versions (ebook coming soon).

(en français and English)

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photo of Maria Laskar

photo by: Christelle Delhoye

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photo by: Aunt Mabel after taking her medication

Maria Laskar – AuthorJennie Shipman Bonwich – Illustrator
Maria is a theatre director, writer and songwriter living in Quebec province of Canada.Jennie is a former illustrator for the St Louis Cardinals.  She’s married to food critic Joe Bonwich, and mother of 5 daughters (2 sets of twins). She lived in St Louis, Missouri.Note: She does not refer to the non-twin daughter as a ‘singleton’.
Published by:
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Professeure Bleue Top Secret Journal de Bord


Professeure Bleue Top Secret Journal de Bord

(enregistrer SARTEC Juin 2010)
Par Maria Laskar
Illustré par Jennie Shipman

Illustré avec des zillions de couleurs, Professeure Bleue Top Secret Journal de Bord, nous montre Professeure Bleue et son géant chien de traîneaux, Tookie, qui probe ensemble la planète et “enquête” sur toutes chose, bonne et moins bonne, dans un labo mobile.

Quoi de spécial avec le journal  Professeure Bleue??  Il est Top Secret! Les scientifiques font de la recherches pour découvrir si une hypothèse (notre meilleure devinette) est vraie ou non.

Peut importe sur quoi les scientifiques travail, ils griffonnes tous dans leur journal secret. Leur notes, équations, questions, pensés, meme des photos les aides à résoudes des problemes. Cela est aussi vrai pour Professeure Bleue, qui se sert de sont journal  de bord comme aide mémoire, pour lui rappeler de changer ces bas, nourire les poissons, sons chien et surtout, pour se souvenir ou elle était avant de terminer sa journée, dans le vaste monde de la science.

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